Saying Goodbyes

So a few days ago Charlie had to say goodbye to her first best friend. We met them at the park so they could play one last time and as we left Charlie looked up at me and asked if her friend was going on the airplane now and I told her yes. We wouldn’t … More Saying Goodbyes

Struggling with Why

It’s a few weeks since we found out Laura’s diagnosis. To say it’s been a tough couple of weeks would be an understatement. Charlie isn’t handling these changes well. I’m grieving still and it may be a while till I’m OK with this diagnosis. For now it’s still hard to think about our future as … More Struggling with Why


Well here we are about 3 and a half weeks after Laura’s test was taken. About 3 weeks before we were supposed to get results and we have results. Laura tested positive for Angleman Syndrome. It’s a rare genetic disorder happens about 1 in every 15,000 to 20,000 births. It’s not usually inherited but it’s … More Results

Bye-Bye Alaska

So much has happened in the last two weeks. The positive first, I had the BEST time off in Poland. Lots of shopping and bonding with some amazing women. I needed that so badly. Especially as we have been receiving news we wouldn’t have hoped for and have not been praying for. Our orders to … More Bye-Bye Alaska

Christ’s Strength

What a week! We have had some tests of Laura’s come back inconclusive and have had to redo them several times. And I’ll be honest I was getting mad. I felt like a soda bottle that someone added mentos into. I was about to bust open and lose it. I kept praying and asked my … More Christ’s Strength