Surprising my Family!

I had so much fun surprising my family with a visit home. While Germany has been an amazing home it is more AMAZING to be home. Today is my birthday and I get to see my youngest sister play a basketball for the first time, she is wearing my number. My heart is so full! I get SEAFOOD for dinner and a publix birthday cake. It couldn’t get much better (unless Allen was here 🙂 ).

How’d we get home??!

Allen came home with news that it was going to take until July 19th to find out where we are going and we are going to have to change our pack out dates which were set. The plan was for me to leave with the girls after the pack out dates. After the year we’ve had I just wanted to get home and spend time with family. I was already bumming pretty hard because my sister was in FL visiting family with her new sweet baby and I wasn’t going to get to meet her (they live in Cali). I made the joke at dinner too bad I can’t go home this weekend and just surprise them when we skype on Saturday. After dinner I was like I wonder how much a ticket would be. TO my surprise it was $370 for an adult and less for the girls to go home on Friday making it possible for me to surprise them on Saturday. I looked at Allen and he said DO IT! So we did 🙂 All of the other tickets were over $500 per person one way.

We had the best international flight possible. We were blessed with a seat that we could have a bassinet for Laura. She was happy the entire flight (only slept like an hour but hey she was happy). Charlie threw a fit as we were getting off the last flight and I did not blame her because I was getting tired too. But one fit in 15 hours, I’ll take it! We had amazing people sitting with us helping watch Laura when Charlie and I needed to go to the bathroom. Laura who is not a fan of new people was entirely happy having others hold her. And the most amazing thing to happen is that our flight was delayed out of JFK for half an hour and if it hadn’t been delayed I would have missed it!

My husband’s brother and sister in law picked us up from the airport let us stay the night and took us over to surprise my parents and video taped it.

I think everything that came out of my mom’s mouth was hilarious starting with her saying “What the Crap” when she saw us and her hilarious facial expressions. I’m just so happy to be home and spend this time with family and I’m happy a lot of family will be coming to see us!

We are also using this opportunity to get Laura into see some specialists we haven’t been able to see in Germany since it’s looking like we will have quite a bit of time till they drop new orders since they still aren’t sure where to place us next, but God is good and he will put us where we need to be in his time!

Video of the surprise:


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