Saying Goodbyes

So a few days ago Charlie had to say goodbye to her first best friend. We met them at the park so they could play one last time and as we left Charlie looked up at me and asked if her friend was going on the airplane now and I told her yes. We wouldn’t see her again for a while. She asked me to carry her the rest of the way home. She was so sad to be losing her. We still have over a month left here and that was the first goodbye she had to say. I hate saying goodbye to these friends. But military is more of see ya later than goodbye, thankfully.

Germany has been an amazing home. Charlie’s first real home. Our first deployment was here. We were blessed with Laura here. We struggled with medical issues without our family here. Germany is where I really realized what our military family can do. Germany is where I developed a more personable relationship with God and grew. We still have a over a month left here but with Charlie’s first goodbye it felt all the more real that we are leaving soon.

I was talking with a friend today and she said if you ever are driving by our house even if you can only stop for 15 min you better stop. And friends that is true for everyone of you! So as we start the season of goodbyes and see you later’s know that each of you here (and the ones that have already left) are my military family for life. I’m so thankful for friends that I may not be able to talk with every day but no matter the amount of time between it will always feel like we talked yesterday.  Love you all!


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