I remember sitting at my oldest healthy baby check up and looking at a form that asked if we were EFMP. I had zero clue what it stood for or that we would come to unfortunately understand what very little they do for family. EFMP is the Exceptional Family Member Program that is used across … More EFMP

The Busy Season

  We have been so busy since our move to Vegas, I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to update our blog lately. But hopefully I’ll be able to dive back in.   Our list for Laura’s appointments is still so long though. Out of 30 days this month I have 26 appointments… My only … More The Busy Season

Why I Want a Cure

Imagine: Your daughter comes home from school with bruises on her body. No one said anything to you at pick up,no note, no email. You look at your beautiful kid and wonder what happened. You can ask your child but finding out the truth may prove impossible because your kid is nonverbal. So your only … More Why I Want a Cure

Shared Time

Something that I have feared is that Laura would take time away from Charlie. That I would spend more time trying to help her with her needs and I wouldn’t be able to give Charlie enough time and she might feel left out. It’s been a few months and I feel like I have a … More Shared Time